The 411 on CSR’s

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Reputation, relationship, and responsive rectitude. These are the three R’s that the Institute for Public Relations has committed to the CSR movement. Corporate Social Responsibility is a corporations initiative to engage and asses the company’s effects on social and environmental wellbeing. In other words, it answers the question of how the company is giving back to the world. In order for a company to have an effective CSR, the initiative has to incorporate the bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

As I have mentioned before in previous posts, a corporation, athlete, franchise, or team, must be aware of their personal brand and the mark they continue set. By having a CSR, it reflects an ethical and moral reputation, which in turn enhances personal branding. CSR’s also aid in distinguishing brands from one another. Fans and consumers are more inclined to engage with a corporation or athlete who stands behind a social responsibility. CSR’s go a long way in the eyes of the public. Like they alway say, no good deed goes unnoticed. Fans and consumers feel right-minded associating themselves with someone who is trying to help the community or preserve the earth’s resources.

Not only does the public appreciate a corporate social responsibility but incorporating a CSR into your practice also nurtures a positive workplace environment. Employees respect working for someone with a good public image. CSR’s create pride and belonging because of the feeling of doing something good for the sake of others.

There are multiple different facets of a CSR. Environmental CSR’s focus on eco-issues such as water and deforestation. Community based CSR’s revolve around improving the quality of life of the local community. Athletes or teams may focus on a single philanthropy, donating money to a cause, usually through a charity partner (like I mentioned in my PRo Ams and PR post earlier). Or there are HR based CSR’s in which enhance the wellbeing of employees and staff.

The PGA TOUR has donated over $2 billion in support of over 3,000 charities. Not only does the PGA TOUR donate money through Pro-Am’s but players on the TOUR and the TOUR itself are also involved in many different areas of community support. Here are the PGA TOUR’s CSR movements:

  • Youth/Children
  • Military
  • Volunteerism
  • Health/Medical
  • Growth of the Game
  • Environment
  • Education/Leadership
  • Disaster Relief
  • Community
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Within each of these facets, the PGA TOUR supports local and national organizations in a range of areas that affect the lives of millions in the communities where the players live and compete. Countless players on the TOUR are also involved in charity work and support the same movements the PGA does. For example, there is the Tiger Woods Foundation and the Bubba Watson Foundation, both in which aid in helping those with needs. Through CSR’s, players and organizations no longer have to waste money on advertising themselves or campaigning. A Corporate Social Responsibility generates free publicity and engages fans and other business opportunities in an admirable way.



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