“The Golden Child” : Jordan Spieth is Personal Branding

Courtesy of http://www.jordanspiethgolf.com

22 year old professional golf phenomena, Jordan Spieth, has seemingly taken on the modern celebrity guise in an unaccustomed, but admirable approach. With an estimated net worth of nearly 54,000,000 dollars, Spieth’s on-course and off-course demeanor would give no sign of the “Golden Child’s” utmost success and downright star power. This reputation is in big part due to his personal brand.

Personal branding is what defines who you are and what you represent, in other words, how you aim to set your “mark” on the world. In public relations, particularly sports public relations, practitioners are used to guide, improve, and assist in an organization or athlete’s “mark.”

The main goal for a PR practitioner in personal branding is to achieve and sustain high visibility for their organization or athlete. There are various different tactics that PR practitioners use in branding. Whether it’s monitoring how their client is represented in the media, helping gain media coverage, or coupling up an athlete or organization with the community, PR is needed to protect the brand image.

The list goes on and on with the amount of craze that the media has for Jordan Spieth. It’s almost as if every where I look, there is some sort of news about the golf stud. Currently, it’s “Jordan Spieth signs multiyear deal with Coca-Cola” and “Take a tour of Jordan Spieth’s new $7.1 million Dallas mansion.”

Spieth has become an ultimate fan favorite. Whether it’s his bulletproof golf game, humble manner, devotion to family, or down right guy-good virtues, his personal brand is the “Golden Child.” Although it’s a nickname he himself doesn’t particularly enjoy, it’s what the fans praise.

Most noteworthy about Spieth is his inspiration from his younger sister Ellie, who has special needs. His sister and strong family support are what led him to create the Jordan Spieth Charitable Trust, lending time towards awareness and assistance in three philanthropic areas: special needs youth, junior golf, and military families.

Courtesy of http://www.jordanspiethgolf.com

Although all of these qualities that Spieth exhibits seem awe-inspiring to us, it’s who he is. Spieth has managed to keep himself out of the public’s eye and maintain a life of normalcy and confidentiality, which is exactly what the 22 year old wants. There’s no denying that Spieth has become the “it” player among the fans, and rightfully so. His personal branding is key to what distinguishes him from other athletes and what aids in his monumental success.




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